The Team
  • Larenz
  • Decroya
  • Acervus
  • Cell
  • iShiro
  • Ript1d3
  • Darkpanda
  • Klayve
  • Unknown
  • Psionic
  • Flare
  • Duckington
  • Tru3_Talent
  • Karmtic
  • MxZChaos
  • NickyChan
  • Squiggletry
  • Wandy
  • Bager
Management Team


Hey, My name is Yusei AKA Darkpanda. I play a lot of R6 and I am also the founder of the team. I am also part of the SEA R6 Team Samurai. I like to play other games such as PUBG and CSGO for fun but not competitively.

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Hi there, I'm Luke also known as Fuzewint. I have been playing video games since I was eight years old I still love it. I am mostly a gamer but I do have a hobby of photography.

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What's up guys, my name is Nicky Chan and I love games and eating food. I am also one of the founder of Team Quantum and a team member of the PUBG team.

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